Hey! 👋

Nice to meet you, I’m Steffen Bewersdorff.

I’m driven by a never-ending curiosity to discover new topics and learn new skills. I’m always exploring new fields of interest and seeking that “aha” moment when everything clicks into place.

For me, this moment of clarity is a turning point that feels like a big revelation. It often comes from understanding the importance of a crucial aspect of a topic or concept – the one thing I learned. These insights are the ones that have been most impactful to me and that I want to memorize for myself.

I document my findings in this blog to keep track of them and to make room in my mind for new discoveries. By sharing them publicly, I commit to the format, can come back later to continue learning, and help others who may benefit from them.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of discovery and growth. I hope my insights will inspire and guide you on your own path of learning and discovery.


PS: I’m always happy to chat about various fields of interest.